I fell sick over the long weekend. I was down with a cold. Since Friday morning, I’ve been feeling groggy and sleepy. I can’t do anything but sleep. My conscious mind seems to have been blanketed by a layer of fog and my cognitive ability was totally impaired. Like all weekends, I had hoped to catch up with work and emails but all I did was having restless sleep with weird dreams invading my subconscious.

I woke up feeling more tired and worse.

On Thursday evening, I was meeting a very good friend, Maggie, at Starbucks Raffles City where I chanced upon DK. As always, he is at his usual haunt again. It was good to catch-up with him since we’ve not met for a long while. But his 见面礼 was a cold bug!

When I was still an employee, at times, I was glad to fall sick and get a MC from the doctor. It means I can sleep in, rest and don’t have to go to work.

How life and attitude change now that I’m my own boss: I don’t want to fall sick. Falling sick means I can’t catch up with work and the progress of projects may be delayed or fall further. I’ve thousand and one things to do. My to-do lists are ever expanding. As it is, I’ve 168 items on my to-do lists spanning 6 pages of Google document.

To prevent myself from falling sick, I jog 4 km every alternate days and swim on Sundays. I also make sure that I down one glass ofvitamin Corange juice every day. The only area that I’m still working on is to get 8 hours of sleep regularly. Most of the time, I get 6 hours.

Come to think about it, in the past 11 years, I only had 3 vacations. When work become your life and you are enjoying your work, why would you want to be away from it?

I hope I’ll be well enough to work tomorrow.

Sick Muse [Official Music Video – HD] – METRIC

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