Why Don’t You Sell Your Company?

I’ve been asked many times why I have not exited (or sold) my company? This reminds me of an incident that happened in 2009.

My staff messaged me after one of her meeting with a client. Her message was, “Boss, Company X buying over us? Why you never tell me?”

Surprised, I called her to clarify.

Apparently, the word on the street is that Company X (a big, big company) has offered to buy over my company and the price offered was in the millions! Further word on the street is that I have deliberated the offer for a while and has finally rejected!

My staff further told me that the client said this information had been circulating in the industry for months already and many other peers in the industry have heard and had been discussing about it.

What the heck?!

I told my staff if I’m involved in this deal, I was hearing it the first time! And before I was offered the deal, I had already rejected it? I would reject a deal that is in the millions? Am I crazy or what?

Man, this was news to me!

I assured my staff that there is no such clandestine deal in the making. I rake my brains to think if I had made any conversations with anyone in the industry such that it could have been misconstrued.

The only thing I can remember was a while back, a client asked me, “Why hasn’t Company X offered to buy your company?”

And my reply was an innocent, “How I know?”

How the heck did “How I know” evolve to a deal in the millions?


P.S. Truth of the matter is that I’ve never been given a serious offer nor have I seek out opportunities to sell my company. There are plans in the pipeline that I’ve not realised yet. I wake up every morning still feeling energised, passionate about what I’m doing. I love my work!

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