Hunger Games


A few days ago, I was invited to meet with a local MNC to join in their new project. During the meeting, after I realised it would be a win-win collaboration, I agreed to be part of the project.  At the same time, I was thinking of fellow entrepreneurs whom I thought their company would benefit in the collaboration so I suggested to the MNC’s representatives that this certain company would be a suitable partner too.  The representatives were surprised that I know them as they had already been working together and neither my name nor my company had been mentioned.

I just smiled and replied that I’m glad that they are working together already.  Deep in my heart, I felt a pang of disappointment.  Why didn’t my friends think of suggesting my company in the collaboration too?

Previously, in many occasions, when there is opportunity, I would introduce suitable fellow entrepreneurs companies during my business meetings.  In one occasion, when a foreign company was seeking investment opportunities and looking for promising startups and companies to invest, I had introduced them and one other company to the foreign investor.

In another occasion, when there was also a collaborative project with another local MNC, I had also introduced them to the project.

For friends and entrepreneurs who know me, they know that if they needed a listening ear or someone to bounce ideas with, I’ll be there for them.  I had shared my experiences, ideas and advice with them.  I’ve told them what ideas would work, which of my ideas had failed so they wouldn’t need to waste time and resources repeating my mistakes.

The sudden realisation that my efforts were not reciprocated left me feeling stranded and alone.  I knew that the entrepreneur route that we embarked is filled with challenges so I told myself that I would try to help fellow entrepreneurs when opportunity arises.  I’m not seeking reward for my effort but a simple hat tip would be appreciated.

In this world, does it really have to be winner takes all?  The world is big enough for more that one success story, isn’t it?  Why can’t we stand on each other’s shoulders and help each other reach the peak of success?

Feeling dejected, a part of me thinks that I should just focus on my own company since everyone 自扫门前雪 (only sweeps the snow in their front porch).

Maybe I should just mind my own business (sic) and stop recommending in future… Just maybe. *shrugged*

Taylor Swift – Eyes Open

But now we’ve stepped into a cruel world

Where everybody stands in,

Keep score

Keep your eyes open

Everybody’s waiting

For you to breakdown

Everybody’s watching

To see the fallout

Even when you’re sleeping, sleeping

Keep your eye, eyes open

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