We Are 13!


In a blink of an eye, SingaporeBrides.com is 13. It also means that I’ve been on this entrepreneurial journey for 13 years. Last year, our birthday went by quietly without me realising it.

This year, my editor suggested we celebrate our 13th birthday by giving presents to 100 of our fans and 13 of them will receive cup cake vouchers from us too!

Due to some serendipity, I had a chance to catch up with Douglas Gan a few months back, who is co-founder of VanityTrove. We planned a collaboration with them and my team organised a birthday event which gave 100 of our Facebook fans an exclusive SingaporeBrides Trove each. It was so successful that the 100 troves were snapped up within hours after we announced the gifting in our SingaporeBrides Facebook page.

Looking back the past year, we have accomplished and achieved much.

Earlier last year, we released a wedding to-do list web app to help our wedding couples plan their wedding. And we launched Weddings, a free digital wedding magazine.

We also accomplished an ambitious project, LookBook of Wedding Dresses. The first lookbook had 304 images (front and back) showingcasing 152 gowns from 19 bridal boutiques.

We also successfully migrated our servers to a new data centre with minimal downtime. That was also an amazing feat but it was done successfully because of the help rendered by my go-to server management company – SecureAX.

Just before our birthday, we finally managed to migrate our wedding forum from a legacy software to a new one. This was a gargantuan task as it was difficult to migrate the data which was flat-file based to a database driven forum software. We had to migrate almost 2 million messages. This project took years in planning and execution. We also had to ensure ALL Google search results that pointed to our old forum pages will be correctly redirected to the new pages.

With the successful migration, we’ve finally shed our old shell and become a company now more ready to react to the rapid changes of the Internet.

SingaporeBrides wouldn’t be here without the dedicated effort of my staff. I also wouldn’t be here today if not for the help of many friends during my time of need (you know who you are!).

Thank you all! Here’s to another 13!

Year One (snippets)

Birds on Wire

This happened during my first year. Very often I get asked how many staff are there in the company.

Potential client, “How many staff do you have in your company?”

I’ll reply,”Currently, three.”

In my heart, I’ll be thinking, “Me, myself and I.” :p

I had installment plans for my products and services when I started. Another question I get asked by this particular client.

Another potential client, “How old is your company?”

I replied, “8 months now.”

Potential client, “Huh? How can I trust your company, it is so new?!”

I was like,”……”

How do you answer this question when your client’s company was even younger at only 2 months?


Raising a Larger Family in Singapore

I have grown thankful for all the goodness we have, and how rich we really are because we have one another. I have grown as an individual through having one, two, three, then four children!

My beliefs about raising children and my attitudes towards relationships and the community stem in part from my experiences and growth as a mother, growth that may have been hard to come by in any other way.

Raising a Larger Family in Singapore

Why Don’t You Sell Your Company?

I’ve been asked many times why I have not exited (or sold) my company? This reminds me of an incident that happened in 2009.

My staff messaged me after one of her meeting with a client. Her message was, “Boss, Company X buying over us? Why you never tell me?”

Surprised, I called her to clarify.

Apparently, the word on the street is that Company X (a big, big company) has offered to buy over my company and the price offered was in the millions! Further word on the street is that I have deliberated the offer for a while and has finally rejected!

My staff further told me that the client said this information had been circulating in the industry for months already and many other peers in the industry have heard and had been discussing about it.

What the heck?!

I told my staff if I’m involved in this deal, I was hearing it the first time! And before I was offered the deal, I had already rejected it? I would reject a deal that is in the millions? Am I crazy or what?

Man, this was news to me!

I assured my staff that there is no such clandestine deal in the making. I rake my brains to think if I had made any conversations with anyone in the industry such that it could have been misconstrued.

The only thing I can remember was a while back, a client asked me, “Why hasn’t Company X offered to buy your company?”

And my reply was an innocent, “How I know?”

How the heck did “How I know” evolve to a deal in the millions?


P.S. Truth of the matter is that I’ve never been given a serious offer nor have I seek out opportunities to sell my company. There are plans in the pipeline that I’ve not realised yet. I wake up every morning still feeling energised, passionate about what I’m doing. I love my work!