Being 14

SingaporeBrides 14th Brithday

My staff Skype messaged me, congratulated me happy 14th birthday of SingaporeBrides, remarking that I must have felt extremely excited that I managed to run SingaporeBrides, the most popular online wedding site in Singapore, for 14 years.

Truth is, I was glad but not extremely excited. I expect and want SingaporeBrides to be around for at least another decade from now. So 14 years were just… 14 years. Maybe it’s just the Vulcan side in me. For people who know me, I tend not to get overtly happy over things. I have the tendency to suppress my happiness. Maybe it is the fear of jinxing happiness? Maybe I rely too much on the logic side of my personal being to suppress my emotional side?

In the past 3 years, the industry had gone through a tumultuous upheaval. I’m glad we’ve adapted to the changes and came out stronger and in a better position.

Being 14 years in running, I think I’m the longest running dot com in Singapore which is still fully owned by the sole founder (me) and doing it without any external investment. I’m probably also the only dot com who has not been acquired. *wry smile*

Sometime during these 14 years, I have also started another successful portal, And it has also just past it’s 9th year on 3 May.

SingaporeMotherhood 9th birthday

And I guess that makes me a serial entrepreneur and not just a one hit wonder. Heh.

Looking back, maybe I do have something to be happy and proud about.

A heartfelt happy 14th birthday to SingaporeBrides and 9th birthday to SingaporeMotherhood, from one of the longest running serial entrepreneur in Singapore (I think).

It has been an incredible journey.