Being 14

SingaporeBrides 14th Brithday

My staff Skype messaged me, congratulated me happy 14th birthday of SingaporeBrides, remarking that I must have felt extremely excited that I managed to run SingaporeBrides, the most popular online wedding site in Singapore, for 14 years.

Truth is, I was glad but not extremely excited. I expect and want SingaporeBrides to be around for at least another decade from now. So 14 years were just… 14 years. Maybe it’s just the Vulcan side in me. For people who know me, I tend not to get overtly happy over things. I have the tendency to suppress my happiness. Maybe it is the fear of jinxing happiness? Maybe I rely too much on the logic side of my personal being to suppress my emotional side?

In the past 3 years, the industry had gone through a tumultuous upheaval. I’m glad we’ve adapted to the changes and came out stronger and in a better position.

Being 14 years in running, I think I’m the longest running dot com in Singapore which is still fully owned by the sole founder (me) and doing it without any external investment. I’m probably also the only dot com who has not been acquired. *wry smile*

Sometime during these 14 years, I have also started another successful portal, And it has also just past it’s 9th year on 3 May.

SingaporeMotherhood 9th birthday

And I guess that makes me a serial entrepreneur and not just a one hit wonder. Heh.

Looking back, maybe I do have something to be happy and proud about.

A heartfelt happy 14th birthday to SingaporeBrides and 9th birthday to SingaporeMotherhood, from one of the longest running serial entrepreneur in Singapore (I think).

It has been an incredible journey.

1TB Gallery for Wedding Photographers


Last Wednesday, we launched some new features for wedding photographers in SingaporeBrides and revamped the listing page. Previously, the wedding photographer’s page will consist of their contact details and a maximum of twelve images to showcase their works. We had wanted a page with all the necessary info at one glance so that it’ll be convenient for wedding couples to shortlist the wedding photographers for their consideration.

Time has changed since then. In the advent of social media and the increasing popularity of Instagram, we are constantly bombarded with images. Twelve images per photographer seemed insufficient in this age of information overload.

Since the introduction of DSLR cameras and compact flash cards with ever increasing capacity and decreasing price, the barriers to entry of wedding photography industry has come crumbling down. It didn’t help when a wedding photographer was interviewed many years ago and reported to charge $10,000 per job. These have led to a large increase in people (having a DSLR camera and shooting wedding photography does not a professional wedding photographer make) offering wedding photography services. When supply increases and demand remains stagnant, this increased competition has driven the price sharply downwards and sometimes to unsustainable levels.

I like to look at beautiful photos. If not, we at SingaporeBrides would not have spent so much resources on showing our vision of wedding fashion. I also think that wedding photography is a very important segment of wedding. How else do you capture and immortalise the beauty, the love, the romance of the most memorable chapter of your life, the beginning of building your marriage and family with your life-partner? (The other pivotal chapter will be the birth of your children.)

So how do we help our wedding couples choose a wedding photographer whose style matches their sentiments? How do we help the wedding photographers show their many beautiful albums of work?

We are doing this by introducing 1 terabyte (TB) of wedding gallery with 6 different themes to showcase the work of wedding photographers. This way, the photographers no longer have to worry about online storage charges and bandwidth. They can now upload and showcase their work to their hearts’ content.

Would this cost us? Of course.

But wedding photography is important for the wedding couples so this is how we want to help our wedding couples who visit SingaporeBrides.